Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Northern Lights and Missed Flights

Good news or bad news? Ok, bad...

My incorrect guesses with the Frankfurt subway system had me arriving to the Frankfurt airport with only one hour till departure as I ran up to the information counter. The man pointed in the direction of the parking garage and kindly told me that the Ryan Air check in counter was about 1.5 hours in that direction. Wrong airport. Rookie mistake. First ever missed flight. For shame August, for shame. I will have to again impose myself on my kind German hosts and fly out tomorrow. My pride and credit card are bruised.

Ok, good news...

While performing my elegant backpack laden ballet of running from phone, to the internet terminal, to airline ticket counters, I got a surprise statement. The man at the ticket counter told me that I would need a visa if I was to fly into London on my way to Marrakesh. Why I asked, stating that I possessed a US passport. "Oh", he said, "I thought you were Moroccan." My annoyingly itchy and ugly beard is paying out dividends!

Other good news...

Beautiful shimmering light green clouds slowly danced for our flight. On the Seattle to London leg, I witnessed my first Northern lights. The amazing show over the Hudson Bay was proclaimed by the pilots to be the best they'd ever seen.


  1. Well, first time on a plane and all -- it's not surprising that you could get worked up and miss a flight. Just wait until you see your first horseless carriage -- they're a hoot!

  2. Was that the first time that someone presumed that you are African? Did you mention to the counter attendant that you are in fact African from the waist down? -- SNAP!

  3. Missed flight, eh? Sounds like a clever ploy to spend another night with Lisa in Frankfurt.

  4. Missed a flight? That's rough. Glad you arrived safe and sound.