Friday, February 27, 2009

The Scenic Route

6:30am here and you can hear the first call to prayer filling the city streets. Five flights, four different airlines, three days of traveling, and I've made it to Marrakesh. My accidental choice of the scenic route (due to my earlier missed flight) has given me some unexpected results. A four hour layover in Lisbon, Portugal has given me the unique opportunity to possibly miss two flights in two days. Nervously, I decide to roll the dice, leave the airport, and explore the city. Beautiful scenery, a vibrant atmosphere and many Canadian tuxedos and Euro-mullets make me wish I had more than an hour to visit.

A barrel of Port being walked up the stairs

The scenery

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  1. So that's how port gets around. Lisbon is pretty rad though. Brian and I had a blast when we were there. Though we couldn't communicate with anyone.