Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Egypt: First Impressions

Day one: I take in the sites (grid-lock traffic), sounds (car horns), and smells (car exhaust) of Cairo. Cairo, however, has proved to be amazing. As it turns out, the Egyptian people are some of the kindest, most helpful people on Earth. Numerous hand shakes, waves and thumbs up are recieved while walking down the street. Finally I'm being treated like the amazing celebrity that I am!

After taking the public bus in from the airport, I was horribly lost and tired. Not only did some friendly auto mechanics let me use their cell phone, but then they called the hostel, wrote out the directions (in English and Arabic) and gave me their phone numbers (work and cell) just in case I got lost again. Amazing.

The typical random meeting of Egyptians on the street:

Egyptian: [speaks to me in Arabic thinking I'm Egyptian]
Me: Sorry, do you speak English?
Egyptian: [surprised] Where are you from?
Me: America
Egyptian: Ah America! Welcome! [handshakes] Obama! [thumbs up given to me]
Me: Obama good! [I give two thumbs up]
Egyptian: Bush bad. [thumbs down or sideways 'enough' hand signal given]
Me: I throw my shoe at Bush. [throwing an imaginary shoe]
All: [Laughing] [2nd round of handshakes]

I'm in there somewhere.


  1. August Graube.... Hero in his own mind...

    Glad to see you're having a good time. That picture is awesome!

    It's awesome that you've got this multi-ethnic look to you that enables you to blend in just about everywhere... Well, I dunno about Asia.

  2. Did you pay those kids in candy or dollars?

  3. Glad to read that the trip is back on track. The picture of the kids is great! So cute!

  4. glad to hear things are headed back on track! i knew egypt would be amazing :)

    obama... good!

  5. I LOVE TO READ ABOUT YOUR TRIP................ JELOUS. Keep having fun!!! -tanya

  6. Look at you playing with small children, did you become a school teacher while you were there? Welcome to my're awesome!

  7. eat some Kushari for me

    we shall continue to live vicariously through you my friend. stay safe. you going to try the wind surfing?

    mike (and Kristi)