Thursday, March 19, 2009

Egypt: The Great Pyramids of Giza

Climbing down a long and steep 3' square chamber into the belly of the beast I come upon the Pharaoh Khafre's burial chamber. Sweating profusely from the sauna like heat, I lie down in his now empty sarcophagus and contiplate big and small things as I stare at the millions of tons of stone above me. How did these pyramids get built and why do I itch so much?

I draw two conclusions. The pyramids were built by aliens under the direction of the King (Elvis), and bed bugs are very real (and yes, you should not let them bite).

No amount of images and diagrams could have prepared me for the sheer scale


  1. Oh, August - Now I can save $ & not go to the movies because I just laugh & laugh at all of your great stories, my fave so far being "A Dirty Clean". oxTantaAnna

  2. Your pictures are truely amazing! Love your website and your adventures!

    Carrie Garrett