Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Karnak Temple in Luxor is...

...F-ing huge!

Please excuse my abrieviated language; I got a bit excited.

After finding a carelessly unlocked gate, my fellow Dutch traveler find a passage way imbedded in the huge outer wall. We climb the less than shoulder width stairs and get to the top of the outer wall. Crouching as we walk on top, my fellow Dutch traveler and I avoid the not so watchful eyes of the police. The view over the huge 2 sq km temple complex is amazing.

After climbing back down we discover a second stairway. The stairs are barely visible and covered with a 3" deep layer of dirt/dust. No one has been this way for quite some time. As we climb up I realize that the layer of dust is not in fact dust, but bat droppings. And those birds flying down this tiny stairway towards me are not in fact birds, but bats. And that would in fact be a bat that just brushed a tuft of my hair as it flew past/at me. We make a quick exit and take turns trying to convince each other that there probably wasn't anything good up that stairway to see.

F-ing Huge!

A tight squeeze in the wall's hidden stairway

The reward

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  1. that is amazing! of course you would find a hidden stairway. very "august" - yes, your name is now also a verb.