Sunday, March 1, 2009

Marrakesh: My Confidence

As I walked to the bus station to buy a ticket out of Marrakesh today, I realized I felt more and more comfortable in this city and that my confidence was running high. So much so that I shaved off my security beard this morning. The scooters rushing by, the arm pulling "free guides", and the sensory overload no longer phase me. I had almost made it to the bus station when I realized that, no... I just walked 20 minutes in the exact opposite direction. Confidence medium. Then as I sat down to type this I realized that I still had the large sticker (specifying the pants size) running down the leg of my REI cargo pants. Confidence low. Oh well, at least this was the first time I've worn them and I eventually made it to the bus station and got my ticket. Confidence back up to medium.

Monkeys be damned! I own this city! (back when my confidence was running high)


  1. I love that you had a sticker on your pants. Oh August!

  2. I once saw a couple on their honeymoon at Disney World. They both had said stickers on their pants. My exact words at the time? "Idiots."

  3. I just started reading your travel journal. Did one of those many Berbers you've seen shave your beard? Did you get a haircut from a Berber too?