Monday, March 2, 2009

Misadventures at a Cheap Hotel

After a sleepless over night 10 hr bus ride to the small town of Tafraoute, I decided to splurge and go for the 6.50 dollar hotel. It was only after I saw the unchanged sheets that I realized that I left my sleep sheet in Marrakesh. Tonight I will sleep fully clothed with my last pair of clean boxers covering the pillow.

After a quick shower I hung my towel out the window to dry. Upon returning from my hike I saw that the towel had decided to change locations and was now situated on top of the awning of the hotel two stories below. With the hotel owner's approval I climbed out the 2nd floor window and felt the metal awning buckle under my weight. Swing and a miss. Changing tactics I started using the rock climbing techniques that Dean had taught me to hang and shimmy from window sill to window sill. Success! Towel saved! Locals entertained; crisis averted.

NOTE: You may have noticed my spelling getting worse and worse. French computer/internet settings have negated the english spellchecker. Sory.


  1. No worries bud. We'll make do with your spotty spelling as long as you keep the entertaining stories coming...

  2. Youre speeling is a travesty to the Graube famely name.