Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Morocco: The People

So far the people of Morocco have been great. They are very kind and generous people (unless they are trying to conveince you that they are kind and generous people, in which case they are only interested in getting you to purchase something).

So far I have gotten a couple of generously free car and scooter rides and always do my best to keep up my end of the conversation. The fact that I only speak 6 words of Arabic and even less French (the other common language here) does not help the flow of chit-chat. Impromtu games of charades are common. I wonder what the least insulting way to act out toilet paper is?

Moroccans are also very clean people, sort of. They have very strong feelings about littering. They love it. Can't get enough of it. They will throw their trash boldly into the street as if to show off their freedom. The next morning, however, it is all swept up and the store owners all wash the cobblestone streets in front of their shops. The plastic bags that are lucky enough to make it out to the countryside, however, can forever float free; the way God intended.

He is very kind and generous now that I agree to buy orange juice

Dumb & Dumber Moroccan style


  1. That's awesome! Just go man... just go...

  2. I found Morrocans in France to be very friendly...until I turned down their marriage proposals and dashed their hopes of a Green Card.