Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Siwa Oasis

On our way back from a midnight swim, the tuk-tuk's wheel had broken off of it's axel and King (our guide) was pounding with his fist on the tire. Just a couple of hours earlier, I watched in amazement as he pulled a red hot coal out of the fire with his bare hands and ate it 20 seconds later (no joke). If anyone could fix the tire, King could.

When I made my reservation for Siwa while in Cairo, I asked the man on the phone how I should get to the hostel from the bus station. "You can just take a donkey cart here". Donkey cart? The last time I checked, donkeys were not equiped with car horns. I knew then and there that I would love Siwa.

The Siwa Oasis is steeped in history and it's also a town that time has seemingly forgotten. Today I visited the Oracle's Temple which was quite the rage in 330 BC. Armies have tried to both destroy and protect the Oracle and even Alexander the Great sought the Oracle's advice.

Feeling a bit under the weather, I have spent my days here seeking the advice of numerous hot and cold springs out here in the desert. On the edge of the 'Great Sand Sea', I feel very small and insignificant. Like a... like a... ant in the Great Sand Sea. Sorry, insightful analogies escape me.

King sings to himself as he fixes the tire and we head back to our tent in the desert. Some well deserved rest awaits us after a long day.

The oldest truck in the desert happened to be ours.

I finally get my desert sunset

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