Thursday, March 5, 2009

Surfing Northern Africa

I can now proudly say that I've been a crappy surfer in 3 continents!


  1. Did you surf when we were in Australia? Or where was the third continent? I can't figure it out??

  2. Hi August,

    You are certainly a lot warmer and bathed in a lot more sunshine than we are here in Oregon. It snowed and hailed today!! I love reading your blog -- so much that I got a Google account so I could post comments. Your wallpaper is great, since it reminds me of a Moroccan restaurant wallpaper. Take care and keep blogging!

  3. August,
    You may remember me as the estranged Korean trumpet player who chose to wisely join the Army and then end up with PTSD and is now awaiting a second deployment...or you may remember me as that really ridiculously good looking guy who always impressed the ladies with his gym pecs and insanely defined calve legs. Either way you probably already know who this is...or not because you haven't heard from me in almost 5 years. Anyways I just wanted to wish you good luck and to tell you that I am jealous you are in Africa enjoying life. I will be in Iraq in a few months so send me a letter will ya? I hope I don't lose my sanity this time...again!

    Hyung Joon Cho (formerly known as Alaric)