Friday, April 3, 2009

Canals and Wedding Cake

Spending the night in Suez was a great way to break up an 11 hr bus ride to Dahab and a perfect chance to see colossal super tankers lumber through the canal. Viewed from a distance, they eerily look as though they are drifting through the city streets. Or maybe this is just another acid flashback (just kidding mom!).

The dolphins jumping past the bow of the tankers was icing on the cake and the scene was perfected by the early 90's music (Ace of Base) that a guy was blasting from his car as he cruised up and down the strip. From here in Suez it's possible to arrange passage on the tankers heading to India, South Africa and Australia. Hmmm... tempting.

Instead of passage on a ship, that night a combination of my curiosity and dumb luck had gotten me passage to an Egyptian wedding reception. The conversation was practically non-existent, the wedding cake dry, but the experience was great. Flaming swords, sufi dancing (not to mention excellent borat-like dancing) and completely out-of-place techno music during the cake cutting. Very happy with my evening, I head back to the hostel.

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