Monday, April 20, 2009

Goodbye Egypt

Slowly walking through the crowded and chaotic street markets of Islamic Cairo for one last time, I try to fully take in the scene.

The dirt and mud covered streets are linned with people sitting and standing selling their goods. There is a constant barrage of sound as chickens cluck, meat cleavers come down hard on cow bone, people shout, men hiss(a polite way to signal 'watch out' as they try to pass with large bags of food on their head), and falafels sizzle while being deep fried in large woks. The smells of fresh strawberries, shisha (mollases soaked tobacco smoked from hookahs), fish sitting in the sun, turkish coffee, fresh cilantro, hot garbage, freshly baked bread and many other smells that I can't even recognize, waft up as I pass by.

I'm going to miss Egypt and Cairo. Next up South Africa and Botswana.

Give me a pack of Skittles, a can of Pepsi and a quarter pound of cow head please.


  1. Cool room! Was the room number 666 and was it cold enough to see your breath?

  2. Oops, posted it in the wrong place.

  3. I bet that cow's body was delicious.

  4. Quarter pound? Looks more like a 5 pounder to me.