Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Typical Negotiation

Egyptian: My friend, you want to rent bicycle for day?
Me: How much?
E: 35 pounds (about $7).
Me: Ha. [look away in disinterest]
E: Ok, how much you pay?
Me: No, no, no. Is too much. [still looking away in disinterest]
[repeat previous two steps 1-3 times]

Me: You give me real price.
E: Ok, 30 pounds.
Me: No, no... too much.
E: Ok, what you pay?
[repeat previous two steps 1-3 times to see if he gives lower price]

Me: 10 pounds (about $2).
E: 10 pounds? This is nothing! My friend, no one rents for 10 pounds! You walk for 10 pounds.

Me: I am poor student. Cannot afford.
E: Ok, 20 pounds.
Me: No, no. too much.
E: Ok, 15 pounds. Best price.

Me: No, I need to eat [make eating motions with my hands]. Only pay 10 pounds.
E: Ok, 13 pounds.

Me: Only pay 10 pounds. You want me to starve? [holding my stomach]
E: My friend, is only 3 pounds! You can buy falafel for that!
Me: Exactly! I need to by falafel with 3 pounds. Look at how skinny I am!
E: Ok, 10 pounds.


  1. Glad to hear that you are still working those negotiation skills!

  2. Hi, August! Hope you're enjoying the warm weather. Snow and 36* here in MI on Monday :(.

  3. funny!!! I enjoyed the little excerpt. It was snowing here in Seattle this morning on April fools by the way

  4. Rofl sounds like me when traveling, except I tell the people that the guy down the road..haha


  5. ha, i love it. grabbing the stomach to show hunger was a great move.

  6. who would have known your college class on negotiations would have been so helpful! i mean who can argue with "you want me to starve?" :)