Thursday, April 9, 2009

Uniting the Major Religions

My doctor, also pleased with my progress (I can now put on my pants without falling over) gave me permission to go hike Mt. Sinai and head to Petra if needed. Mt. Sinai is first up.

Mt. Sinai is a sacred mountain to both Jews, Muslims and Christians. It is on top of this mountain that God first handed down the ten commandments to Charlton Heston.

After a 2 hr drive, my group starts hiking up Mt. Sinai at 2am with our guide Mohammad. He is a man who has been tasked (by the government) with job of keeping our group together while hiking up the mountain. His English consists mainly of the word "hey" which he uses at different pitches to convey his meaning. We keep on hearing the angry "hey" whenever various members try to (unsuccessfully) leave the group.

Mohammad's frequent smoke breaks and the long line of people ahead of us start jeopardizing our goal of reaching the top before sunrise. I can see a crack of daylight on the horizon as the line stops dead 300 meters short of the top. My quick calculations (that I base on absolutely nothing) tell me that I'm going to miss the sunrise at this pace. It is obvious that the path is held up by slow picture takers on their way up.

The sides of the path are lined with excellent granite boulders that are begging to be climbed. The temptation of the boulders and frustration of the slow people are too great. I break my government issued shackles and start scampering up the rocks at full speed. I hear a distant angry "hey" from behind me, but Mohammad knows he's too late. I'm gone.

For one beautiful moment in history, the Jews, Muslims and Christians (in the line) all put aside their differences and focus their collective anger and frustration on me. No one says anything, but my soul can feel their icy stares. Passing the slow culprits at an all out run, I get to the top quickly and find myself a perfect nook in the rocks from which to catch my breath and watch the sunrise. Absolutely gorgeous.

Still panting

Now very much relaxed


  1. Wow dude. That must have been amazing. Glad you didn't fall off any rocks and get carried off by the angry mob!

    BTW... Little known fact: Mr. Heston was actually goat hunting whilst tripping on various hallucinogens when you know who paid Earth a visit.

  2. August,

    I think your blog is truly amazing. Glad you're feeling better. All the best! - Derrick Becker

  3. Great photos! Lynn and I are sure glad to hear you're better.

  4. goal for the end of your trip: join me on Sept 11th, 2009 at Seattle Mist. Just google it, errr, it's Seattle Lingere Football. Tickets after their charge and such are $30, I'll make you a special deal $30 just for you though, don't tell anyone. Let me know if you want to reserve that, and I'll talk with you later!

  5. friend is on the team. I bet I can get a better deal than you, my friend. ;)