Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Alone Again

I'd be lying if I said that traveling on your own doesn't get lonely at times. Having spent the previous month with friends and family, I suddenly find myself all alone in Istanbul for the last month of my trip. I eased into the difficult transition by leeching onto fellow travelers.

"What are you guys up to today? ... oh that sounds cool."

"Where are you guys going for dinner tonight? ... oh I love [fill in the blank]."

"Where are you going? ... oh, the bathroom? ... but you're coming back from the bathroom right?"

After three days of this in Istanbul, I feel that I'm just about ready to cut my umbilical cord and start heading East to the countryside. Wish me luck.

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  1. weird man, Kristi and I had the same exact feeling in Istanbul. People coming and going but not really doing, I really liked the place, but there was a weird sense of isolation there. how funny it is to realize that you can be surrounded by all these new and exciting places and people, and feel so lonely. I remember that. miss you man, we're thinking about you and living vicariouosly :)