Friday, May 8, 2009

Baboons and Baggage

Trading one baboon for another, I've left behind the animals of sub-Saharan Africa, and I've been joined by my old high school friend, Mike. And not a moment too soon. I need a friend right now. A friend with money and clean clothes.

I'm slowly realising that I probably won't have a job when I return back to the US, and that my bag (containing 95% of my travelling life) may never be located by British Airways.

Does anyone out there know how to make money on this new-fangled internets thing or know where in Rome one can locate a pair of boxers?

I think for now I need to focus on locating a beer. It's past noon somewhere right? Guam I bet. It's past noon in Guam.

Mike's Ancestors



  1. May you find your luggage and your beer but ... "Enshalla".

  2. You're welcome to come live on my couch in SF. Eventually it might turn into a job.

  3. I'll trade you 1:1, 1 beer = 1 story. And they better get good the more you drink!