Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cinque Terre

Mike and I laugh until we cry as the man (who we thought has left the restaurant) returns from the bathroom and pauses as he stares at the place where his half finished bottle of wine once stood. It was tasty wine.

We had spent the last 6 days in Rome and Florence with our engines running rich with beer, wine and gelato (in that order) and lean with sleep. Now in Cinque Terre, we were fully relaxed and walking towards the beach with bellies full of fresh fish, pesto penne pasta and white wine.

Like giant lizards we lay out on the large white marble rocks that makeup the Jeddi, and look out over the terraced cliffs that fall into the Mediterranean. All is right with the world and life couldn`t get any better.

Life just got better! Topless chick laying out on those rocks over there! Wait... no... that`s just a dude in a speedo. My bad.

Dude in a speedo. Damn


  1. Ah, free Italian wine. Either he took a long time in the restroom or you guys were fast.

  2. August, I want you to write that poor man an apology note!

  3. August: Dr. V is on vacation in England right now. Those of us at the office will have a slightly slower pace for a couple of weeks. You are certainly having an amazing trip. Please send a card when you can. You are having the vacation of a lifetime !!! We miss you !!


  4. you'll have to tell me all about this area... rumor has it Traveler is moving me there or at least an hour from there. When do you return stateside again? Shannon