Monday, May 4, 2009

"I Asked for Evian You Dimwit!" Part 2

Despite all of the previously stated opulence, there is no getting past the fact that you're living in the middle of the bush while on safari. No amount of butlers or Doom Insect Killer will rid your tent of your small neighbours.

I first realised this fact when I went to use the toilet and I saw two 1 1/2" long hairy legs sticking out from underneath the toilet rim. Not even two flushes would produce the other six legs or body. Frogs, lizards, my mother, giant spiders, and countless other insects, have all become my new room mates.

While dinning last night, I first had to fish out a sautéed in 1 1/2" long cricket out of my perfectly cooked snow peas before digging in. I also gallantly saved all four insects that tried to commit suicide in the dark red waters of my South African wine. Fantastic meals and lodging none the less.

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