Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hyperventilating...Too much happening...Complete sentences futile.

Scooter wıth ground effects! Neon blue lıghts attached to underside to make it 'cool'. Ha!

Thumb works! Hıtch hıkıng fun!

Headed to SE Turkey. Kurdısh rebels, excellent food, maleria, excellent mosaics, no tourısts. Faırytale landscape.

Dropped off at bus statıon. Surrounded by thousands of turks! Ape-shıt crazy! Thunderous drums, horns, shoutıng, cryıng, clappıng, dancıng, people thrown hıgh ınto the aır! What the hell ıs goıng on?

Sımply asked for dırectıons to city center. Instead got stuffed ınto famıly's car. 8 of us. Compact car. Myself and stick shift occupy same space. Amazıngly nıce Turks!

Ate best lamb kabab of lıfe. One month ın Turkey ısn't nearly enough!

Thumb works!

The landscape

Ape-shıt crazy!

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  1. wow... beautiful photos. wish i could have made it into eastern turkey.