Monday, May 4, 2009

Sub-Saharan Africa

My wallet breathes out a sigh of relief as I meet up with Mamma Graube, Sister Graube and Brother-In-Law Graube in Johanesburg, South Africa. Suddenly my traveling life has been upgraded in almost every way as I trade in the hostels for a bed and breakfast.

Instead of playing the nightly game of "guess that stain" when I inspect my sheets, I now crawl into clean, comfortable and stylish bedding.

No longer feeling like I'm making a visit to county lockup each morning (with the freezing cold water in the shower). I now get piping hot showers and a shower door. Unbelievable.

Best of all, my breakfasts, which used to consist of 30 cent street stall falafel sandwiches, have now morphed into yogurt & honey, toast, scramble eggs and [gasp] bacon! Oh bacon, how I've missed thee. Stomach to brain: "Let's never travel to Islamic lands again". Brain to stomach: "Quiet! You might wake him up from this wonderful dream!"

NOTE: My photographing skills and equipment (a small point and shoot camera), have been hopelessly out-classed by 'Brother-In-Law Graube's" (Dean's) photographing skills and equipment. Before this trip, he rented a lens for his SLR camera that is roughly the size of a long shore man's forearm. Therefore I will fully take credit for all of the amazing close-up animal shots, but in reality, most of them will be his.

Dean shooting his shots. This one actually is mine.

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