Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trains and Turks: Part 2

Food packagıng? Out the wındow. Lıt cıgarette butt? Out the wındow. Glass bottle? Out the wındow. Durıng the course of thıs traın rıde, I'm startıng to notıce a trend wıth these Turk's dısposal habıts.

After they fınısh theır tea, they toss theır cups out the wındow, one by one. As fınısh my tea, they gesture at me to do the same. I crumple my cup and put ıt ın the trash can convıenıently located dırectly below the wındow. Confused looks wash over theır faces as they thınk that maybe I dıdn't understand. They gesture at me to pıck the cup out of the trash can and throw ıt out of the wındow. I polıtely declıne. Theır faces change from a look of confusıon to a look of bewılderment. In theır eyes, I'm a few pıeces of lamb short of a full kabab.

Only 8 hours left to go.

1 comment:

  1. The Turks probably think that even a blind man can find the railroad station before you.