Thursday, May 14, 2009


My first day of kindergarten, the time I accidently cracked a truck´s windshield with a snowball, senior prom and college graduation. My life flashes before my eyes.

Once we had gotten into the Tuscan countryside, I pull the scooter over to let Mike drive. After immediately pulling it out in front of an oncoming RV, he starts laughing wildly like a mental patient. Mike was trying hard to prove Darwin´s theory correct by wiping our inferior genes from the gene pool.

The asphault looked like a giant cheese grater that was getting closer and closer to our exposed ankles, knees and elbows with every turn that Mike took faster and faster. I could feel the bike wiggle violently every time he had been staring at the scenery for too long and was startled by the upcoming hairpin turn.

Luckily Darwin was wrong and our Cro-Magnum Man pea brains survived for another day. We grunt and beat our chests, satisfied with the fanastically beautiful green rolling hills and wineries of the Chianti region.

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