Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First World

I just made it back into Frankfurt, Germany where this trip started out four (seemingly) quick months ago. It feels good to be back in the first world, where everyone is the way God intended: rich and white. Don´t worry, I'm now able to say that joke (since I´ve gotten to be very tan and poor).

If I wanted, I bet I could walk into a grocery store here and ask (in English) for a pack of bacon. The clerk would probably, A) Understand me, B) Speak back in gooder English than my own, and C) Sell me some bacon.

And if I was stupid enough to step on a sea urchin here, I bet I could find a lawyer who is ready and willing to represent me in a lawsuit against The Parks and Recreation Services of Germany. Or maybe that´s only in America. Either way I´ll be back in the US tomorrow so a week long frivolous lawsuit and bacon bender await!

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