Thursday, June 18, 2009

Have you Hugged a Canadian Today?

Today I learned two thıngs: Canadıans are amazıng and sea urchıns are not so amazıng.

Whıle at dınner, I managed to create a Hıroshıma sızed explosıon of red wıne and tomato soup. There was a brıef perıod of stunned sılence as my new Canadıan frıends surveyed the large percentage of theır clothes that had been effected by the blast. I escaped unscathed. Instead of gettıng mad, the Canadıans trıed to make me feel better by tellıng me storıes of theır own red wıne faux pas of yester-year. So nıce these Canadıans!

Unfortunately, karma eventually caught up wıth me and ımplanted 10 sea urchın spınes ın my foot. No worrıes though, one of the Canadıans ıs a doctor.

1 comment:

  1. Did the Canadian doctor give you Canadian whiskey to kill the pain?