Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Use My Noodle

I looked to my left. Beer. I looked straight ahead. Mediterranean. I looked to the right. Noodle (a foam floaty toy). Like an apple falling on my head, it suddenly struck me. The sum of these things will clearly be much greater than the parts. As I sipped my beer and floated in the clear blue water, the rest of the boat looked on, finally recognizing me for the genius that I am.

The next day as the entire group floated in the water sipping their beers, I was struck again. I still had a bottle of Georgian vodka that I had bought with the last of my Georgian money ($2.75). Eureka! What doesn't make you blind will only make you stronger right?

This time it was the captain's turn to get struck by genius as he watched me pour 10 vodka and cokes. He quickly lashed a serving tray onto a life vest and we suddenly had our floating bar.

Fun people, questionable booze, a floating bar, a (bath-water warm) cove, and floaty toys. May this trip never end.


  1. Looks like a rough life. Hope you are enjoying your last week of vacation!

  2. Yes.. that is a step up from adventures to the querry! I never knew the mediterrean could look so good. Maybe moving there isn't the worse idea in the world...