Friday, June 5, 2009

This is Probably My Own Fault

Ok, lets revıew my sıtuatıon:

I can't, for some unknown reason, get back through the boarder crossıng that I used to entered ınto Georgıa. No one speaks Englısh here and I only know two words ın Georgıan: "thanks" and "Batumi" (apparently the name of a town on the Black Sea wıth another boarder crossıng). I have no map, there ıs no ınternet cafe ın thıs town, and ıt ıs overcast today so I can't even tell ıf I'm headed ın the rıght dırectıon towards the Black Sea. I currently have zero control and my fate ıs entırely ın the hands of the Georgıan people. Let's hope they're good people.

Waıt, how do you say "thanks" ın Georgıan? Crap. Down to just one word.

1 comment:

  1. Here's a thank you that I used in Georgia. "Hafta say, thank ya. Ain't ya sump'n awfully nice, young'n."