Monday, June 22, 2009

Unachieved Expectations

I laid on a marble slab in a bath house (where another scene from Indiana Jones was filmed), and reflected back on the disappointments of this trip. Getting robbed, getting food poisoning and finding the holy grail. My three biggest expectations for this trip were sadly left un-achieved.

A fake wallet was always carried around, but alas, not even my one and only hairy situation (on a train in Morocco) proved to be fruitful. In the end, no one wanted my money or identity.

And food poisoning? Despite my best efforts of snail soup, lamb's head and Turkish tap water, my stomach never cried 'uncle' or tapped out. I even had a blog post title ready and waiting: 'My Cup Over-flowth'.

And no grail. A shame. It would have looked nice up in the cupboard with my plastic beer festival sampler cups and my 'acquired' beer mugs.


  1. No grail? Tell me that you at least got me a mummified crocodile.

  2. You should have gone to the Moroccan street market and bought your Holy Grail. You could have gotten three with a 20% discount.

  3. It's not too late to try for food poisioning and getting robbed... As they say, "Dare to dream and dare to put actions behind those dreams."

  4. don't worry - once you return home to the United States and you are poor from being unemployed, you will quickly feel robbed from being so broke. and after eating a month's worth of cheap dollar menu items from fast food joints, you are sure to get food poisioning. then you will look back on your trip as the "holy grail" - see all will work out in the end!

  5. August,
    Maybe author is your next job description! I have enjoyed your writing and will miss checking in to read up on your latest adventure.



  6. Aha..It s a wonderful a picture.This is our flag,National Turkish Flag.
    who knows,how many people died for this flag..

  7. LOL!! your stories are great august, and you really captured your adventures well in your blog! great pictures too! Sorry to hear your expectations weren't met on this trip, but as far as food poisoning goes I'm positive that it would be achieved many times over should you decide to trek through Asia next ;)